Information Civil Funeral

Civil Funeral

Menuhat Olam allows families to hold a funeral service for the deceased in accordance with their worldview and beliefs. A civil funeral service is based on the characteristics and will of the deceased and his family.
(If necessary – the ceremony may include elements from the religious rite chosen by the family).

A civil funeral service has no obligations and may include, to the choice od the deceased’s family, any of the following elements as long as it doesn’t include anything offensive:
1. Identification of the deceased and a family farewell ceremony.
2. Eulogies in the eulogy yard.
3. The burial process – lowering the deceased into the grave
4. Kadish, a chapter of Psalms / a prayer chosen by the family
5. Additional eulogies after burial
6. Reading poetry / prose or poetry accompanied by music
7. laying of wreaths
8. Covering the grave with soil by the funeral participants and cemetery staff.
To facilitate things during the ceremony, we recommend that you plan in advance how to conduct the burial ceremony in coordination and with the assistance of the cemetery staff. We provide, free of charge, the following basic services: excavation of the tomb, the burial process – lowering the deceased into the tomb, prayer and asking for forgiveness from the deceased by cemetery staff and/or cantor and covering the grave.
If necessary, according to the family’s will, we may provide additional services (for additional cost) for the funeral: shading, chairs, drinks, sound system and more.