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Jewish funeral

“Menuhat Olam” respects the Jewish religious faith and therefore enables an Orthodox Jewish burial according to Jewish law in a designated and separate Jewish plot.

Menuhat Olam allows the deceased’s family to hold a Jewish funeral service, in accordance with their worldview and their religious faith. Thus you may hold the ceremony at the cemetery while meticulously following all rules of the Jewish Halachic law or observe just some of them (according to the family’s will). The Jewish burial process includes the following elements: washing the deceased (Tahara), wrapping the deceased in shrouds (with or without a coffin) and the method of burial.

The Jewish burial ceremony is conducted in the following order:
1. The burial process and lowering the deceased to the grave
2. Reading Kaddish by family members
3. Requiem
4. Asking for forgiveness from the deceased
5. Covering the grave with soil by funeral attendees
6. Completion of grave covering by the cemetery staff.

To facilitate things during the ceremony, we recommend that you plan in advance how to conduct the burial ceremony in coordination and with the assistance of the cemetery staff. We provide, free of charge, the following basic services: excavation of the tomb, the burial process – lowering the deceased into the tomb, prayer and asking for forgiveness from the deceased by cemetery staff and/or cantor and covering the grave.
If necessary, according to the family’s will, we may provide additional services (for additional cost) for the funeral: shading, chairs, drinks, sound system and more.