Funeral arrangements

The arrangement of a funeral is a process that takes place, naturally, under time pressure. This process includes various aspects and considerations with which the deceased’s family is  forced to deal, often for the first time. In order to assist and facilitate the process, we present a list of matter to which you should attend:

Choosing a cemetery

Civil, traditional or orthodox cemetery, in accordance with the wishes of the deceased’s family.

Issuing a burial license and a photocopy of the deceased’s ID

This process is done at the hospital or at the regional health office in case of death at home

Engaging with the cemetery’s management

In the midst of that you should determine the funeral’s date, choose the burial place in the cemetery – a lawn plot or ordinary plot, choose the burial and ceremony characteristics. In addition, at this time, the option is given to reserve a plot for the deceased’s spouse/family. More information may be found in the services page.

Determining the funeral’s route

You must determine and coordinate a funeral route which starts at the hospital and ends at the cemetery. You may, in coordination with the cemetery and ambulance company, change the basic funeral route and pass or stop at the deceased’s home, a synagogue or other site which is meaningful to the deceased and his family. Please note that the transport of the deceased through the basic route – subject to the provisions of the agreement with the National Insurance Institute – involves no financial cost to the deceased’s family. Should the family request a longer funeral route, this will be executed by the ambulance company for an additional charge. It is important to note, that this should be executed under the regulated tariff as determined by the National Insurance Institute. When in doubt, you may obtain detailed information from Menuhat Olam or in the link (as it appears on the National Insurance Institute website).

Burial layout (coffin)

Depending on the family’s will, we offer a basic coffin for no additional cost. If needed, the coffin may be upgraded in coordination with Menuhat Olam.


Printing and distribution of obituaries. We recommend using home printing, and using the obituary production engine at no cost. You may download an obituary here.

Funeral date

Determination of funeral arrangements in coordination and assistance of the Menuhat Olam management.

Determining the funeral’s nature

It is customary and recommended to carry out after the burial. At the beginning of this process you must apply for a license to erect a tombstone from the Menuhat Olam management. When choosing a tombstone, we recommend that you contact the companies tested and monitored by the cemetery’s management. To download the application for a license to erect a tombstone, click here. To go to the list of recommended tombstone companies click here.

The application form for the erection of a tombstone may be downloaded here.